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On-line Store

Yes, we are making plans to build our On-line Bead Store! We want to give everyone an opportunity to enjoy the wonderfully unique items we have on hand. It'll take us a little time as you can imagine with all the inventory we have, but check back often for updates!

Your Input

We value you as a customer and we welcome your input, so if you're aware of anything you feel would make our business even better, just drop us a line with the info and we'll check into it and let you know what we think. Of course, you can always just say Hello.

Our Standards

Our standards have always remained high and we intend to keep our standards well above the competition. We do so by closely considering every purchase we make to insure only the absolute best product is made available to our valued customers.

We Can Hardly Wait!

Free Shipping

We can hardly wait for you to become our online customer!
We want to make our super inventory available to everyone so we're building our online store. Don't worry, we take the hard work out of finding that special something just for you that'll make you're project magical!

We can hardly wait to amaze you with our truly unique beads!
Just for this special occasion of our soon to be online store, we're putting together the most unique and exciting inventory ever! You'll be in bead heaven, just you wait and see.

We plan to offer free shipping with most orders. We hope this money saving feature will help everyone when we launch our online store!

Give us a call today! 615-298-5030

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